​​​​​​​Project Leader: Travis Bell
Roll: Design Team  
Pickathon is music festival that happens in early August on a farm south of Portland, Oregon. Portland State University, along with several other significant partners, designs, builds, and coordinated a material diversion plan for the material used in the stage itself. As a part of the design team, and an Intern at SRG, the office that designed the “pod-buddy” diversion, I was deeply involved in design conversations through the project. This grove of columns is an inhabitable stage space that provides an atmospheric backstage viewing and listening experience. Its pin-wheel columns, each 32 feet high, project the topography into the sky. It’s bracing, aligned with the audience, are frames of Mount Hood during the day, and portals of diamond light at night. The “Nesculous” (Nest+Oculous) is a clearing and anomaly in the matrix of columns; a place to sit and listen.
Kit of parts:

Concept rendering

1:1 mock-up
Material Diversion
Finished stage 
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