Jonathon is currently an Associate at Transsolar KlimaEngineering, working on climate and sustainability engineering with a diverse range of architects and clients around the world. With a Master of Science in Building Technology and a Master of Architecture from MIT '22,  Jonathon’s graduate career was defined by his thesis work on extreme heat resilience in the US and the SWANA region, focusing particularly on Kuwait City. Upon graduating, Jonathon received the Tucker Voss award. He believes the most impactful design comes from cross-disciplinary collaboration, drawing on a multitude of fields, perspectives, and experiences, as is evidenced by his project work on transportation,  housing, and education.  Jonathon has served as the co-chair of the Architecture Student Council in the Department of Architecture at MIT SA+P and recently served a term as the vice-chair of the IDSA Boston Professional Chapter.
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