As a designer and researcher working at the intersection of architecture and building technology, Jonathon’s work is broadly concerned with quantitative methods of design towards programmatic and qualitative outcomes. His work operates at multiple scales, from large urban design thinking to interventions at the nuanced human scale. In his time at MIT, he has worked in multiple labs including Urban Risk Lab and the Leventhal Center for Urbanism where his work is oriented towards climate-resilient design and design for vulnerable populations. His work is also concerned with architecture's associated urban implications, from transportation to housing, to education. Looking towards AY ‘21-’22, his research will be focused on extreme heat resilience and the role of the contemporary envelope in both climate mitigation and urban identity. He believes the most impactful design comes from cross-disciplinary collaboration, drawing on a multitude of fields, perspectives, and experiences. Jonathon has served as the co-chair of the Architecture Student Council in the Department of Architecture at MIT SA+P and recently became the vice-chair of the IDSA Boston Professional Chapter. As part of his master's thesis, Jonathon recently developed a Grasshopper plugin called Jerbola that brings EnergyPlus ground temperature calculation capabilities to the parametric environment.
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