This model for the student exhibiton Part Objects: Precarious Structures and Other Forms of Sculptural Disorder is a response to the unintended collaboration between Peter Halley and Alessandro Mendidi. In Halley’s talk at the Garage Museum in Moscow  in 2017 he recounts being commissioned for a permantent exhibtion at a hotel in Italy designed by Mendini. Halley did not install the painting himself and the curator held off on sending him photos of the installation because Mendidi had decided to design the wall paintings upon which Halley’s paintings were hung without his knowing. “My friend [the curator] thought I would be very angry about it-but I actually loved it!” The result was a collaboration between the two at Galleria Massimo Minini pictured below. The exhibiton pieces combine Halley’s minimal, rich, saturated color fields with Mendini’s thin, black, circulatory lines that engage the figure ground and reference socio-cultural connections in Halley’s work. The exhibtion model expands on this collaboration by folding in  three dimensional, strucutral, precarious aspects by creating a dialoge between the gorund plane, used as a graphic datum, and thin wires that rise from the plane extending beyond the bounds of the model.
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