In collaboration with Evellyn Tan
Deep Cut is a winery that leverages excavation as its main spatial driver.
The winery is embedded in the terrain using excavation as a means of altering the landscape with the purpose of inhabitation and production. Using a method of excavation found in large scale infrastructural projects, this project exhibits steel sheet pile construction. It demonstrates this method as a solution for building on sites with steep slopes. The process of construction excavates and replaces earth, leaving an occupiable void for both public and private programs.,In the context of the Valle de Guadalupe, the slope is exposed to high levels of radiation for extended periods. While the climate is comfortable for most of the year, winemaking requires a more controlled environment.  Thus, excavation offers distinct advantages of both a gravity-fed winemaking process and of thermally coupling the earth and the building to create optimal internal climatic conditions.
Professor: Cristina Pareno
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