Advanced Projects in Digital Fabrication, Lawrence Sass, Spring 2019

This chair was the result of a semster long investigation on fundamental questions of digital design and fabrication, experience, and material efficiency. As designers do we design outside of existing means of fabrication leading to the choice of either innovating methods of making or shoehorning our designs into an existing workflow? Conversely, do we design according to specific techniques of production an innovate in the relm of experience and function?  In an attempt to innovate  on the experience of a chair, this project asks the chair to serve two functions by offering two seating position, one allows a relaxed seated postion and the other, an upright position for work at a desk. These positions are allowed by a central trunk of the chair that houses a ball joint that connects to the seat. The chair is fabricated using simple CNC cuts from a single sheet of .5” plywood and was assembled in less than an hour and left to ue overnight. 
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